GoodSpirit Bar

GoodSpirit Bar is the incarnation of our very old idea. Within the framework of WhiskyNet Ltd. we have been involved in the distribution of quality – mainly aged – spirits for more than 10 years. In fact, ever since we started we were looking for a proper place to show and taste the drinks we have found most exciting, with a properly wide range of selection.

Meanwhile, an immensely open and talented young man was also following his own path in the world. Norbert Schök – Schöki – has worked in numerous bars in several countries and has refined his craft as a bartender. He was also looking for a place where – beyond competitions – he can really show the beauty of this profession and the art of mixing coctails.

We have jointly formed this place into what it is today and it hopefully will meet both our and his expectations. We do trust that our guests will have at least such a good time here as we do!

The history of WhiskyNet

The idea of WhiskyNet was conceived in 2006 and then our family venture started in 2

007 with a webshop – a niche market at the time – offering unique single malts and other whiskies. The team consisted of 3 members: the Mum (with two little girls going to kindergarten and a third one going to primary school), the husband (whose hobby is whisky but he is busy with managing another company during daytime) and the babysitter. It smells like success, doesn’t it?

Then we already felt that we would need a place outside of our flat where our favourite drinks could be shown to others, too. The company and the selection kept growing and by 2015 the already existing showroom has become too small.
It was that time we met Norbi Schök, one of the most talented bartenders of the country and we have discovered a closed restaurant within just 100 meters of the old shop. Perhaps we may call it a ’lucky constellation of stars’ as well …

Our new big adventure has begun! An adventure we would not have started without Norbi for sure. Perhaps it is not pure chance that we have found Norbi as our paths have already crossed in the past without attributing any significance to it then.

Schöki’s story

Travelling was my main motivation when I entered the catering industry. This is a profession where travelling is easy and bartenders are usually friendly and open people. After a year’s study and work at home a good friend of mine has invited me to Ireland where I have met fantastic people and have achieved great success. This helped me to travel all over Europe and visit Asia as well.

As an award from a whisky cocktail competition I went for a distillery tour in Scotland. The first place I have visited was the Arran distillery and the first bottle of single malt I have bought was an item finished in a Tokaji cask. (Looking back now it seems quite strange that one of the first Scottish partners of WhiskyNet was also Arran and they have bottled the first items finished in Tokaji casks for Whiskynet, too.)

Following a longer interim stay in Spain I have moved home and soon I had two good reasons (my little sons, Benedek and Barnabás) to launch my journeys from Budapest and to come back here.

During one of my tours I got acquainted with Philip, the ambassador of Clément rhum – a brand distributed by WhiskyNet, too – who later at a Whisky Show has “introduced” me to Kati and Zsolt with whom we have launched the GoodSpirit Academy and have dreamed of and realized the GoodSpirit Bar.


Visit us

Our aim is to make everybody visiting the GoodSpirit Cocktail & Whisky Bar feel and experience our love and dedication we feel towards quality drinks, special cocktails and civilised drinking in general.

We would like to share all our knowledge and experience we have gained during our work and travels with our guests, thus inspiring them to get acquainted with quality spirits and to keep on exploring new ones. Innovation, ongoing development, up-to-date proficiency in international trends are very important to us because we do believe: anything worth doing is worth doing well.

It’s up to you to drop in with your friends, colleagues, your partner or just alone; we are convinced you will spend ‘quality time’ with us! Put us to the test!